The inexorable rise of cider sees the landmark London Cider House at Borough Market taking a fresh and exciting new direction.

THE LONDON CIDER HOUSE has, for the last 23 years, been a family owned business, established by Barry Topp of New Forest Cider. Barry always had the dream of sharing his traditional ciders across the length and breadth of London. With the development of Borough Market, the city’s renowned hub of fine food in the 90’s, he was invited to do just that. Since those early days he has built up a true bastion of traditional cider, while also endorsing many producers from across the country who shared the same passion for the craft of cider making.

In 2022, Mary Topp, Barry’s daughter, saw a wonderful new opportunity for a fresh, new approach and so together with the two notable cider makers, Tom Oliver of Oliver’s Cider and Perry and Ted Dwane of Two Orchards coupled with London’s Fine Cider Merchant Felix Nash, has set about re-defining how to showcase all the wonderful progress that cider has made in recent years.

Mary says “ I see this as a new era for cider, as more producers, notably orchard based, are making more quality cider especially for the table. Borough Market remains the absolute best market place to champion these new ciders and makers and I’m particularly excited to be able to share this next chapter of ‘The London Cider House’ with these three partners and their wealth of cider knowledge & experience. I’m confident this unique partnership will work hard towards our combined desire to bring these special and unique ciders to your table”

Felix Nash, the founder and owner of The Fine Cider Co has been responsible for the establishment of cider in many of London’s best restaurants, bars and bottle shops over the last 6 years. His inventive and creative approach has helped cider gain many footholds and his book “Fine Cider” lays out his hopes and aspirations for cider in years to come.

The team of 4 is completed by long established cidermaker and cider evangelist Tom Oliver of Oliver’s Cider and Perry in Herefordshire, who has always believed that cider is a drink that should be enjoyed and appreciated by many and Ted Dwane, the cidermaker at Two Orchards, who are in the early stages of development but exemplify the energy, enthusiasm and skill that modern craft cider possesses and who has very clear ideas on the qualities of the cider that he wishes to bring to the table.

From the beginning, cider by the glass, will be a cornerstone of the new look London Cider House. Showcasing glorious ciders from the likes of Wilding with their Yarlington Mill & Dabinett Cider, Find & Foster with the sparkling Huxham Cider, Oliver’s Nittiness & Whizz Pet Nat Cider, Fine Cider x Little Pomona Epergne Russet Cider, Chalkdown’s Champagne Method Cider, Find & Foster Root Cider and the Brannland Ice Cider all available in the opening weeks by the glass in “ The Palace of Cider” the inner sanctum at the Borough Market stand.

Drink in or take away, The London Cider House also offers a brand new and unique “in house ordering facility ” with your chosen ciders delivered to your door.

Into the future and The London Cider House will be featuring new product launches and tasting events and is set to become the go to place for anyone wanting to enjoy cider or find out what is new in cider. As well as satisfying their legion of loyal drinkers, the cider house will attract cider makers from all over the world, for whom the “must visit place in London” is the The Palace of Cider at The London Cider House in Borough Market.

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