Rum and Cider Cocktail

Rum and Cider Cocktail

‘Rum Punch. Quite Satisfactory!’

Quite? Not that we’d ever argue with Mary Poppins (we wouldn’t have the balls, to be perfectly honest!), but if her Rum Punch was only ‘quite’ satisfactory, it clearly wasn’t made using our ingredients!!

We have been in the mood for celebrating this week; with World Cocktail Day on Monday and our pubs opening up their interiors at long last – the need for a celebratory tipple was high on the agenda.

We got wind that our friends over at Penrhos had added a new Honey Spiced Rum to their spirits stable. Call it coincidence, call it fate – call it what you want…the stars aligned and a new Cider Cocktail was born.

So, to celebrate the easing of lockdown measures, let’s literally ease our measures and generously pour the following over crushed ice into your fave cocktail receptacle:


An easy 50ml of Penrhos Honey Spiced Rum
An easy 50ml of PULP Mango & Lime cider
Squeeze of fresh lime
Sprinkle of lime zest
(add a touch of ginger finely grated to an extra kick)


Article written by Pulp Cider.